Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yuk..and then some!

It's Wednesday and I feel awful!! I mean AWFUL!! I have the worst summer head and chest cold! I sound like a frog, no, worse! And, dang it all, it hurts!! I am not sure that I ever had this crud before but I am sure that I do NOT want it!!
Recently my friend Beth, owner of Turning PoinT General Contracting, approached me about a business deal. I own Saving You The Green, a lawncare and landscape company. She wanted to incorporate or merge our businesses. After meeting with her and discussing all the details, we decided it would be good for all of us, all the way around. So, we started to get things moving. Since then, the lawyers, accountants and banks have been involved and like everything related to those types, we are bogged down in red tape. At this point, everything is on hold. That's a real bummer!
On the home front, I got a call from my sister saying that my Mom needed some help. She is in a nasty relationship and apparently, decided it was time for her to get out. My opinion is that she should never have gotten into the relationship with this jerk but, I am not one to speak about relationships by any stretch of the imagination!! So, I am dealing with that mess and it looks like I might be making a trip to New Mexico and South Carolina soon. I need to go pick up my Mom, from NM, and take her to my sister's home in SC. I am up for it, anything to get my Mom away from that...that....ewwww there are no words!! It won't be pretty and it won't be fun. It will be very expensive! I am so ready to go!!
The business is good, we have had several estimates lately and I am waiting to hear back on the last 2. Plus, we have an easy money job tonight and believe me, with me out of a 'real' job, any money coming in is a blessing!
Well, I am off to nap and hopefully this nasty cold will subside soon!! It is NOT fun!
Till next time...
Mental out

Learning something new at any age!

Most of you know that I am very interested in returing to college to get another degree. I have been doing some research, trying to find the institution that would best suit my needs. I am a Mom to 3 who recently lost her job. I want to find a school that fits my hectic schedule and offers the classes and perks I need. So, in doing my research, I came across this and thought I would share it with you...
The Cisco Learning Network. When I first opened their homepage,, I noticed the difference right away. It was more of a blog layout. They offered snipets of information so that you could read a bit and decide if you wanted to learn more. The homepage is crammed full of information. They offer discussions you can read and visuals through video as well. As we all learn and soak up information in different ways, I thought this was a great way to present information to all.
As I read more, I saw that they offered 4 levels of education, an Entry level all the way to Specialist. You can pick the certificate that is right for you in their Network Certification Programs!
One program that I am very interested in finding more information on is the Cyber Security/Network Security programs. I believe that this is an up and coming field with a great many opportunities available now with more to come in the future. Cisco offers Network and Internetwork security programs. Within these, there are various levels of specialties for you to choose your focus from.
It was very appealing to me that Cisco also mentions a 'Green' IT. With the economy and global issues we all face, this was a plus for me! Cisco has a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% in the next 4 years. Definetly a factor in my research!
The Cisco site also offers a 'real people' aspect. You can utilize the 'Connections' tab to find out what kind of people are active in the Cisco Network Learning world. See what kind of professionals they are associated with and what their functions are.
They have an online learning center as well. Resources, documents, discussions and blogs, all the information you could want and use!
The Cisco Learning Network site is definetly full of information and well worth taking a look at if you are seeking to enhance or further your career in networking! Do yourself a favor and don't pass up the information and opportunities this site offers!
Cisco certification

Sponsored by Cisco

Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Days and Bad Days!

This week has simply flown by! I have been so busy with all the adjustments here in the Mental Home as well as working to build the business. It's been crazy!
Sometimes, I simply don't know what to think or which way to turn! It's like being out of focus so you stand real still, afraid to move because you aren't real sure which direction is the right direction, the safe direction.
It's been a week since leaving my temporary job. I miss the security of that. I miss my friend Aubrey there even more. I get my last pay check from that position today and no more in sight. I am simply terrified! I pray that God will lead me to where I need to be and constantly remind myself that my life belongs to Him and that I have turned my life over to Him. So, when does the fear stop? I was taught that when you turn your life over to God, you are granted peace. I haven't gotten the peace part yet. The fear still rules my life. There are times when it is so bad, it physically manifests itself. I get headaches, stomach aches, snappy and unable to function. As a person with Social Anxiety Disorder, SAD, it sure doesn't help any to be unemployed!
I went and filed for unemployment on Monday. I didn't even get to talk to a live person so, I have no clue as to what will happen. We have become so dispersonal as a society. It's all about 'line em up, get em in and get em out' and forget that they are human beings! I left with even more questions than I had. Plus, there are so many more people out of work that assistance is backed up. It's a sad state of affairs for our country.
So, as I look for work, work on getting the business going, I debate what I am doing wrong and what I am going to do. I am still toying with the thought of going back to school. I am so leaning in that direction but again, the fear looms up and kicks me in the gut. I hate living in this constant state. I think that if by Tuesday I haven't heard anything on a job, I will call the ITT Tech councilor and see if I can set up an appointment with her to discuss options.
I guess that's about it for this rant.
Till next time...
Mental out

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Weekend of Blessings!

WOW! What a weekend! Some wonderful things happened this weekend, we were so blessed by God!
As you know, my job finished on Friday. I got a gift card from the wonderful folks at Church Plumbing and Heating and a delicious cake! I was thinking of paying some bills with my card but instead I went a little crazy. I got 2 outfits, one for an interview, should I have one, and the other for relaxing in. I didn't have any jean shorts any more so now I do! Yay! I also got some T's for hubby to work in, new socks and just some fun stuff. I saved enough to get a hair cut too!
On Friday evening, I got a call from an elderly woman who needed an estimate on some yard work she needed done. Hubby and I went over there and met with Mrs. H and her lovely husband, Mr. H. They are 80 and 89, respectively. Mr. H is ill with pre-stage Alzheimers. He has the sweetest smile you would ever want to see and if I wasn't already hitched, I might have had to flirt with him a little. Oh he is a doll and such a gentle man. Well, while we were talking with Mrs. H about what she needed done, she just about broke down in tears. They are on a fixed income of course and no children or family to help them out. My husband who has a HUGE soft spot for the elderly was a gonner! He decided to do the work for the cost of the materials AND will be taking care of her lawn for the next month for free. He also gave her a VERY low cost estimate for a monthly contract for every month after that. When he finished the work the next day, she was so happy she couldn't hardly speak. He presented her with a pot of flowers and will be back to work for her at the end of the week. Meeting them was a blessing and so was the income for us.
With the little bit of money we made, we purchased advertising materials. Well, while I was on the website we use, I got 2 emails with 'freebies' offered from them. I was on a roll then...I shopped till I dropped for sure! We were able to get almost 200.00$ worth of materials for 33.50$ not including shipping! We got T-Shirts, a Cap, business cards, post cards, car door signs, sticky notes, thank you cards, and much more! Thank you Vistaprint! Another blessing in that savings and opportunity!
Then, as if that wasn't enough, while relaxing for the evening, the kids and Mother-In-Law gone, I realized that Biscuit, the cat we gave hubbies Mom, hadn't been seen for a few hours. So, we went looking for her. She didn't come when dinner was served and I knew that wasn't right. We finally found her, in the far, dark corner of our closet. Her and 5 newborn kittens!! We knew she was pregnant but, had no clue that she was so far along! She is very small and was not all that fat, or so we thought. We now have 2 black babies, 1 buff, and 2 orange and white furballs. One has a very large voice too! LOL All are doing fine as far as we know. We will check them more this evening after they have had time to adjust a bit.
I need to get to work now so, better finish this posting.
Till next time...
Mental out

Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Friday!

I don’t have a whole lot of time this morning to update here but, I wanted to give it a try.
Life is changing once again. It seems my life is always in a state of constant flux and today is no different. I have never had a ‘normal’ stress-free time in my life. I have accepted, or at least am working on accepting, that. God created my life to be a roller coaster. I would normally say that this kind of wild, stress-filled life would be due to choices we have made for ourselves and our lives. I would also say that 75% of that holds true for me. As I grow as a Christian, I learn more and more and hopefully make better decisions based on that; I also see that the stress in my life remains a sure thing, a constant. That being the case, I tend to believe that this is the life I was meant to have. I won’t say I like it but, it is not my choice.
So, today I wrap up a job that I have had for 4 mos which most of you are thinking is not a very long time. You are right, it isn’t. However for a person with SAD, Social Anxiety Disorder, even an hour can be a VERY long time. I made relationships here and friends, again something that for a person with SAD can be very hard to do. So, it is a very stressful day, knowing I will be leaving the little bit of security I have built up here at this job. The worry of knowing that I will have to go interview and start another position again can be and is, overwhelming at times. It can literally make me sick.
I also had to finally get a ‘new’ car yesterday replacing the old beater I had. I knew it was coming but I was not looking forward to it. It is just another stress inducing thing for me. The beater was paid for. There were no surprises as I knew what it’s quirks were, I knew it was junk, and so, I was comfortable with it. Now, I have a payment and a car that I don’t know. I found myself constantly listening and ‘feeling’ this morning on the way to work, waiting for something to be wrong with the new car. I have to talk myself out of that worry and it is almost impossible for me.
When I say that turning things over to God is what I am going to do, it is really want I want to do, what I would love to do, what I am dying to do but, not what I am capable of doing. With the anxiety I deal with, it is my nature to worry. If I turned it over, what would that leave me? Good question for someone in my shoes, isn’t it.
So, I keep saying, I am turning this all over to God. I think if I say it enough, I will talk myself into it and it is a way of practicing doing that. When you practice, it teaches you how to make it a routine. I have to turn my life into a minute to minute practice session. It is the only way I can see how to deal with things rather that going to a doctor, for which I have no insurance, and taking drugs I can’t afford and don’t want. So, practice, I hope, will eventually make perfect.
As the day dwindles and the new road looms closer, I will continue to worry but, maybe not as much as I chant in my head, I am giving it to you God, you can have it all, I don’t want it. I figure He will get sick of hearing me, take control and I won’t have to worry about it all any more. And, isn’t that the intent anyway?
Till next time...
Mental out

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What to do?

As Friday looms nearer, the last day for this job contract, I am faced with a HUGE dilema. The temp service I work for is wanting to send me out to interview for a job, a job that would start pretty much right away, with the same pay I have now, and at full time hours. Sounds great, right? Well, it is a job that I really don't want. I tried it before for 4 months and did NOT like it at all! Not the same company but, the same position basically. Also, as I start up the new business, the lawn care one, I need to be able to dedicate some time to it as well. The thing is, with the economy the way it is, I am terrified that if I don't take this new position, and the business doesn't take off a bit, I won't get anything else and it will be a devestating blow to the family!
What I would like to do is, work part time, as I have been, or at least attend the college courses I wanted to while working on the new business and collect from a fund I have access to. That is a short time fund however and it will run out. It also won't bring in as much as my working would.
Did anything I said even make sense? This problem is really weighing down my mind and my thought process is boggled down with it. I can't seem to think of anything else nor are any solutions just jumping up and hitting me in the face.
I would love to know your thoughts on this! Would you take a chance, these days? Is it worth it? There are such opportunities for the new business AND with me getting my college degree in the area I want and have wanted to for so long now! I am not getting any younger mind you. I simply will not have the time to do the college thing if I am working full time. I know myself, I know my limitations. That is not an option for me.
There is still a full time income coming in to the house if I don't work. It is not the amount of my income but, it is an income.
Did I say how much I am longing to work part time or, not at all and going back to college? I so am! More than my words can express. I really want to invest my time and energies in the college and the business! Maybe the business even more so! That is hard for me to admit too! As I write and re-read, I realize just how much I want this new business to succeed and the college courses were a back up to that plan for the future.
So, what would you do?
I will give it over to prayer and to God but, sometimes, I just need a little discussion with friends, or strangers, on things.
Till next time, may God bless and keep you!
Mental out

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 7th, The Monday After

It is the Monday after July 4th weekend. I hope each and every one of you had a safe and happy Holiday weekend.
Today begins my last week at my present job. To be honest, in most ways, I am not sorry to go but, with the economy the way it is, I am terrified in most other ways. I will leave it in God's hands.
This Holiday weekend was pretty simple in the Mental house. We went to a cookout on the 4th and did fireworks like most other folks. Nothing memorable and I guess, that is a good thing. For the rest of the weekend, it seemed that no one wanted to do a thing at all. They were vegetables and no amount of proding from me worked on them at all. I felt so good and full of energy on Saturday, I tried and tried to get them up and out, all to no avail. By Sunday, I gave in and turned into a turnip with them. We watched all of the Harry Potter movies, for about the millionth time and enjoyed them all over again. We are HUGE Harry Potter fans. We had a nice dinner Sunday night and simply laid back, eatting, watching movies and doing nothing. It was really nice.
And now it's Monday, back to the grind. My plan for this week is to get more fliers and business cards out for my new business, my Lawn Care and Landscaping business.
( )
We haven't been pusing it and now it's time to step it up into high gear! The kids get paid to pass out fliers and get a commission if their fliers generate business so, they are wanting to get out there. Well, at least the Mer Monster is. Ty-bo could care less. He has no mind set about anything but cartoons and play station. Geeshhh!
Anyway, I best get back to it.
Till next time....
Mental out

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dotster Sale!

What a great deal!! If you want a domain name, this seems like the way to go!
No, this post is not sponsored by Dotster. I just happen to be a Dotster myself and thought you all might like a great deal!
Check it out for yourself. $3.99 .INFO Sale

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Winding Down to Wind Up!

It's Wednesday, one of my favorite days. Why? Cause it's only 2 more days to Friday AND, the boss is always out of the office on Wednesdays making for a very relaxed working environment. We seem to get much more done on Wednesdays.
This Wednesday is even better. It's on a short week, a Holiday week. So, I would normally be winding down today and looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I am looking forward to the weekend but, it's going to be a very busy one. I am going to a get-to-gether on Friday, the 4th of July, a cookout, and watching over the boys, kids and all others as they shoot off TONS of fireworks. Saturday will be doing some work on the new business, doing work on my blogs and working on designs and tutorials for the scrapping sites. Sunday, more work, laundry at the laundromat and more work on the computer.
As I look at what I just typed, I realize it's just another weekend! LOL Always cram packed full and never enough time to get anything accomplished! We make plans, good ones too, and they never, ever work out that way.
I love my life, I thank God for it....I just know that all this drama and hulabalu will count for something in the after life! I just know it!
I have to go look up some concert dates, times and places now. My Mer Monster is dying and I mean D-Y-Y-Y-ing to go see the Jonas Brothers in concert! It's more like Mom is dying with all the pestering and tears!! God give me patience, please oh please!! It is so expensive! I hate the thought that we will probably not be able to go but, I am pretty sure it will work out that way. Gas is too high, the cost of tickets too high...isn't it a shame that our kids miss out on memories these days due to money problems and the cost of everything?! It's sad.
Till next time...
Mental out

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


After a wild day with the family at Cedar Point, it was 6pm and time to board the chartered bus to return home. My head was pounding after the day in 90 degree+ heat with just as much humidity! Cedar Point is NOT a place for persons of larger size, I might add.
I fought the valiant fight, keeping up with two kids and my hubby who is the biggest kid of all! Running here, there, everywhere, wiping the pouring sweat from my brow as I screamed internally in pure exhaustion.
Now, it was time to go home, looking forward to a restful bus ride where I did not have to move, drive, think or otherwise function, I sat down and my head just about exploded! I thought, I must just be more tired than I thought. By the time we reached our destination, and our own car to drive another 30 minutes to our home, my thoughts were blurry and the explosion in my head was 100 times worse. I almost could not complete the drive home, passing out on a curve isn't the thing to do, let me tell you!
Finally reaching home, silence ensued and we all hit our beds. Waking sometime early the next day to a still screaming head and a body that would not cool down, I knew wasn't going to make for a good weekend. I was suffering and suffering big time! All our weekend plans went out the window as Mom was down for the count!
This is the 4th day from that fated Friday and I still feel like crud! Anyone have any home remedies for an old lady who had too much heat, kids and 'fun'? I am in misery here! LOL