Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Talk about YUMMMM....

First let me say that I am NOT a 'Ranch' person. I much prefer another type of dressing/dip/what have you.
Because Hubby IS a 'Ranch' person and I am not, I recently bought something I thought would be a 'happy medium' and was blown away! All I can say is, "OMGssshhh!!" I bought Kraft's 'Light Three Cheese Ranch'. It is delicious to say the least BUT, the thing is....I tried some new stuff with it. I put it on a Bologna sandwich (which I can't stand but it's cheap) and it was GREAT! I put it on a hotdog (again, I don't really care for and have to be in the mood for) and it was GREAT! This past weekend we had a surprise party for Hubby, his BD and cooked Cheddar Brawts....put some on and had a mouth orgasm! Then, last night, Hubby suggested we try it on a baked potato.....*pass out here from ecstasy* AMAZING taste!! You all have got to try this!! Would love to know some creative ways to use this great tasting stuff!

**No, I am not getting paid to blog this, it really is that good!**

Mental Out