Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Talk about YUMMMM....

First let me say that I am NOT a 'Ranch' person. I much prefer another type of dressing/dip/what have you.
Because Hubby IS a 'Ranch' person and I am not, I recently bought something I thought would be a 'happy medium' and was blown away! All I can say is, "OMGssshhh!!" I bought Kraft's 'Light Three Cheese Ranch'. It is delicious to say the least BUT, the thing is....I tried some new stuff with it. I put it on a Bologna sandwich (which I can't stand but it's cheap) and it was GREAT! I put it on a hotdog (again, I don't really care for and have to be in the mood for) and it was GREAT! This past weekend we had a surprise party for Hubby, his BD and cooked Cheddar Brawts....put some on and had a mouth orgasm! Then, last night, Hubby suggested we try it on a baked potato.....*pass out here from ecstasy* AMAZING taste!! You all have got to try this!! Would love to know some creative ways to use this great tasting stuff!

**No, I am not getting paid to blog this, it really is that good!**

Mental Out

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


8 Things I am Looking Forward To:
1. My Daughter coming for the summer
2. The fun places we will go this summer
3. Getting over this bug!
4. Getting a job!
5. My Hubby's Birthday
6. Hearing from friends that are out of touch
7. Getting out of this creative slump!
8. The weekend

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1.Washed all the left over dishes from Easter
2. Ate leftovers
3. took Hubby to work
4. mopped up where Hubby spilled rootbeer in the kitchen
5. snuggled my cat, Tyger
6. talked to my Momma
7. played WOW!!!

8 Things I wish I could do
1. Play WOW!!
2. Retire
3. Be a SAHM
4. Find an awesomely fun job that pays ok
5. be more creative
6. go shopping for fun
7. Be a better Christian
8. Be more patient!

8 Shows I watch:
1. Smallville
2. Heros
3. Chuck
4. Supernatural
5. Star Gate/Star Trek
6. American Idol
7. Ghost Hunters
8. Fringe & Leverage

I am supposed to tag 8 people but to be honest, I am so out of the bloggin world right now that I haven't a clue who I would tag let alone 8 people!! Ah well...so you got some random/useless trivia about Mental.
Take care and have a Blessed day!

Mental out