Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to my baby-boy who turns 27 today!! LOL Mommy's priorities are sadly out of whack!

Mental out


WOW! Yes, I am saying WOW! I am so excited! For the first time, I will be 'in the game' when a new expansion is born! Not just a player buying the game for the first time but a real-live, part of it all!

The buzz in trade channel is whirling and swirling! Will there be new races? New professions? Worgren? Goblins? Who will get nerfed? Will there be new Heroics? New Achievements? New Battlegrounds? New Spells? Will Druids loose their flight forms? (Speaking as a Druid I certainly hope not!) All new Guild leveling?? OMGshhh!! The list goes on and on and the rumors fly!!

All I can say is....*counting pennies to put in the bank* WHEN? WHEN? WHEN?!!!!


Mental out

Where does the time go?


In the car this morning coming home from running errands, I had the strangest conversation....with myself. It went something like this:
"Yeah know, you really need to update your blog. It's sadly out of date."
"I know."
"Seriously, you need to update your blog!"
"I know but, what will I blog about?"
"All things new and exciting?"
"Like what?"
"I don't know! What's new and exciting in your life?"
"Nope, nothing."
"Oh come one! There has to be something!"
"Nope, nothing."
"What about work?"
"What about it?"
"Anything new and exciting there?"
"What about with the family after all, school just started. Any new drama?"

Mental out