Saturday, December 6, 2008

White out!

The snow is really coming down tonight. Well, it's been coming down all day! But, tonight it's pretty close to 'white-out' conditions.

I know, crummy pictures but, I never claimed to be a photographer! One looking into the light and one looking into the woods. It is kinda cool how the snow flakes look reflected in the light/lens tho. We went up to the Marathon station and cars were all over the road, slipping and sliding! There is a LOT of ice under the 5-6 inches of fast falling snow. It shows no signs of letting up and I am thinking I am going to be missing Church in the morning. *sigh* I was really wanting to go to. I hate missing! lol

Anyway, I am off to play and create. Take care, stay warm and safe!

Mental out