Thursday, July 29, 2010


After weeks of lemons, God blessed me with 3 miracles this week and I want to thank Him here and now! Thank you God!
A friend that I used to work with called me up. She and her family are moving to FL and since they were driving, she didn't want to pack 'cold/frozen' items. She asked me if I wanted the content of her frig and freezer. Because we literally were out of food, I jumped on the Blessing! Thank you Naomi!! We were able to eat this week because of your kindness and thoughtfulness!
As the week wound down of course my mind again began to spin and swirl with fear and worries about how to feed the 5 of us for the following week. I called our local food bank, Helping Hands, and they provided us with a bag of food. I am sure you all know that for a family of 5, a grocery bag of can goods will not go far however, I was more than thankful for it!
To top it all off, I was awarded food stamps till I find a job! Praise God! That is a HUGE worry from my mind!
So, I go on Monday to see about my unemployment and I am praying for the Bus Driving job that I tested for and was sent on to the next step!!
If you happen by, please send a prayer up to God for my family. And, if you are in a position to do so, please contribute to your local food bank!!

Thank you and...

Mental Out