Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ok, see, this is what I am talking about! Not only did I have the previously mentioned crude happen today but, now, I have a major sinus headache, stomach cramps and the 'crap' that comes with those, literally. Yes, we are adults here and I said crap! That is the mood I am in. I digress..not only the stomach issues but, I burned the heck out of my hand removing the crock pot lid to stir my bean soup! Ouch! Oh, that's not all.... I got summoned for jury duty and a phone call letting me know if my previously owned landscape business didn't come fix some damage to a house, we would be sued!! What damage? What house? What the heck??!! That would be lawsuit number 2 from people who ARE NEVER SATISFIED AND WANT SOMETHING FOR FREE off your back! I am serious! The first lawsuit, our first in 16yrs., and filed AFTER we closed the business and both got laid off, AND by a so-called friend we did some VERY inexpensive work for to help them out, is total and complete BS! Yes, I said it, BS!! I just don't get it!
I am not an unkind person though admittedly I have my moments, don't we all? So, why, why all this terrible stuff being thrown our way? What is the world is God thinking? Only God knows? Well, God needs to give it a rest! Yes, I am talking to God in that tone of voice and I don't apologize for it! He knows I love him and He is my King so, I am confident in being able to tell Him, stop already! I have enough to deal with!! And, get me through this crude and give me some peace for a while! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE!
Ok, so, anyone out there? lol Anyone reading this? Probably not. *Heavy sigh*

Mental Out

Hitting Home!

No News On The Job Front

Every day it seems to get worse and worse and I wonder, will I ever catch a break?! I called the staffing company to make an appointment...NO appointments till well into August. OMGshh! Then, I looked in the local newspaper, nothing! I mean NOTHING! Craigslist...NOTHING!
I am lost. I just don't know what to do. I know I have to keep plugging away, keep working at it, keep searching but, it just feels like I am slamming into a brick wall, over and over and over. At least tomorrow is another day.

Mental Out