Monday, July 19, 2010

Lemons and Lemonade, enough already!

So, it's been some time since I have been here but, I guess it's time for an update.
Lots of changes, isn't that always the way. I an unemployed again and it really bites! As much as I hated my job and yes, I hated it with a passion, at least I HAD a job. I may not have been the best at it but, I did my best, unlike some, and really tried to do a good job, unlike some. I am not just saying that to say it nor, am I bitter. I got fired for absences. I had good reason(s) for the absences such as family care taking issues, pneumonia, serious eye injury and such. I did not lay out just to lay out. I was absent too much, I know and I wish I could have not been but, I have responsibilities as well that I simply could not get out of.
Again, not to sound witchy or bitter but, there were some that were out WAY more than myself and even bragged about how they could get away with it! Some that stayed shopping on the internet most of the day, or were on FaceBook, or even slept, slept to the point of drooling and snoring!!
The truth is I believe multi- fold, I for some reason was disliked by my supervisor. You know there are just some people you just don't click with. I never received training like most people, never and then when I did take a 'training' class with my unit, and I use the word training lightly, it was done in a large group using power point and done very fast. Just sit at the table, watch the power point and viola' you are trained! NOT! Also, the work load was very, very thin since about Christmas. We simply did not have enough to keep us busy! So, it was an easy way out for them to dump me with a pitiful excuse. No, they are not filling my position...why? Cause they don't have enough work! I think that proves that point!
So, I filed for unemployment, not sure if I will get it and I have begun the job hunting process. I test tomorrow for a bus driver job and I go on Wednesday to register with a temp service. We will see how it goes.
On top of all that, no one else in the house is working either!! WE are so behind in bills and simply can't even afford the bare necessities. Also, got hit with a law suit on a installation that my lawn care folks did...which is so bogus I won't even get into that!
The bottom line is, I know that when life deals you lemons you need to make lemonade but damn it, I am sick of lemonade!! Bring on the champagne for a change!!!

Mental Out