Monday, May 4, 2009

A HUGE thing

After many long months of debate with myself, last week I did something I really never thought I would do... I closed my PSP (PaintShop Professional) list down. It was called Whimz & Wishez aka WW. Well, the members of the list were for the most part, very supportive and are trying to actually keep it open under new ownership, with my blessing.
I just couldn't do it any more. After 6+ years of owning/running WW, I was just plain tired. I have been doing psp for more than 8 years and I guess I really am burned out on it. I am sure that I will create from time to time but the creative Muse hasn't been around for sometime now. I figured it was time to concentrate on other things and I am actually enjoying not having to worry about other people for a change! :O)
I have been really busy with WOW (World of Warcraft) and have become totally addicted to it! I guess that is where my heart and passion lie now. I simply LOVE it! I am a Guild Master now with a very small group but, I really hope to expand. I have plans! LOL
Right now I play 2 characters: A level 51 Druid and a level 23 Gnome. LOL I love them both! There is so much to do with WOW I will never be able to do it all! And guess what...there are tons of women AND Grandmas that play!! It is awesome stress relief, something you can share with friends and family and well, just plain addicting!! If you ever wondered what all the hype is about, drop me a note and I will gladly share my love of WOW with you! Or, if you already play, come find me at the WOWaholics Anonymous guild! :O) I would love to meet you/see you in game! If you need a referal for a free month of game time, let me know and I will see about hooking you up with that as well!
Trust me...once you play, you will fast become addicted to all the fun adventures you can have!! This week's event is Children's Week and I am off to try to get my pet: Egkbert! LOL

Till next time.....
Mental Out!