Monday, July 14, 2008

A Weekend of Blessings!

WOW! What a weekend! Some wonderful things happened this weekend, we were so blessed by God!
As you know, my job finished on Friday. I got a gift card from the wonderful folks at Church Plumbing and Heating and a delicious cake! I was thinking of paying some bills with my card but instead I went a little crazy. I got 2 outfits, one for an interview, should I have one, and the other for relaxing in. I didn't have any jean shorts any more so now I do! Yay! I also got some T's for hubby to work in, new socks and just some fun stuff. I saved enough to get a hair cut too!
On Friday evening, I got a call from an elderly woman who needed an estimate on some yard work she needed done. Hubby and I went over there and met with Mrs. H and her lovely husband, Mr. H. They are 80 and 89, respectively. Mr. H is ill with pre-stage Alzheimers. He has the sweetest smile you would ever want to see and if I wasn't already hitched, I might have had to flirt with him a little. Oh he is a doll and such a gentle man. Well, while we were talking with Mrs. H about what she needed done, she just about broke down in tears. They are on a fixed income of course and no children or family to help them out. My husband who has a HUGE soft spot for the elderly was a gonner! He decided to do the work for the cost of the materials AND will be taking care of her lawn for the next month for free. He also gave her a VERY low cost estimate for a monthly contract for every month after that. When he finished the work the next day, she was so happy she couldn't hardly speak. He presented her with a pot of flowers and will be back to work for her at the end of the week. Meeting them was a blessing and so was the income for us.
With the little bit of money we made, we purchased advertising materials. Well, while I was on the website we use, I got 2 emails with 'freebies' offered from them. I was on a roll then...I shopped till I dropped for sure! We were able to get almost 200.00$ worth of materials for 33.50$ not including shipping! We got T-Shirts, a Cap, business cards, post cards, car door signs, sticky notes, thank you cards, and much more! Thank you Vistaprint! Another blessing in that savings and opportunity!
Then, as if that wasn't enough, while relaxing for the evening, the kids and Mother-In-Law gone, I realized that Biscuit, the cat we gave hubbies Mom, hadn't been seen for a few hours. So, we went looking for her. She didn't come when dinner was served and I knew that wasn't right. We finally found her, in the far, dark corner of our closet. Her and 5 newborn kittens!! We knew she was pregnant but, had no clue that she was so far along! She is very small and was not all that fat, or so we thought. We now have 2 black babies, 1 buff, and 2 orange and white furballs. One has a very large voice too! LOL All are doing fine as far as we know. We will check them more this evening after they have had time to adjust a bit.
I need to get to work now so, better finish this posting.
Till next time...
Mental out