Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Money Saver Tip!!

We all know that things are really difficult right now and we are tightening our belts more than ever...well, Hubby found this really, AWESOME way to save money. We have been doing this for 3 weeks now. He was looking for recipes and went to and found this amazing place on their site:
This gives you a menu for 5 days and all the ingredients it takes to cook the meals plus, the recipes! They are all very easy and really great tasting!
We were spending between 100.00$ - 140.00$ per week for a family of 4 that eats ALOT! We have since cut our grocery bill pretty much in half! Our highest weekly bill since utilizing this awesome sight has been 66.00$!! This is the total for ALL groceries purchased this week...including cat food, lunch meat, sodas and a very few extras. Don't get me wrong, we look for the most conservative staple that the recipe calls for and our 'extra' purchases are VERY few but, we have really started saving!
Another thing you can do to save some money is start a spending journal. This ones a bit tougher to keep up with and takes commitment, real dedication but, it does work! What you do is get a little note book you can keep in your purse and every single time you spend money on any item, you record it. Say you stop and get gas and a record it: 10.00$ (gas-Marathon) 1.49$ Mt. Dew. You RECORD EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE NO MATTER HOW SMALL! That is the key! Once you do it for 2 weeks to a month, you analyze it and you will be very surprised at how much money you spent for non-necessary items and how much you could have saved or put toward something else.
So, there are a coupla fairly easy ways you can save some money that you can 'see' immediatly. Let me know if you try one or both and how it works for you!

Mental out