Sunday, November 9, 2008

Loss of a friend

News came to me today that a friend from the online world, the PSP and Graphics world, had passed away during the night. I joined my first 'PSP List' about 8 years ago and Spirit Of The Dove was on that list with me. She was a kind, gentle and sweet lady. Over the years, we spoke only occasionally but, we 'knew' each other. She was loved and will be greatly missed!
'Back in the day', as people say, it was a bit of a taboo if you will, to have 'friends' online but, we have quickly moved past that. When you spend a good amount of time online, no matter what you do, blogging, playing games, chatting, whatever it is, you 'meet' people and form 'relationships'. These people fill places in your heart, you come to care about them, share their happy and sad moments, you may know all about their lives. You pray for them, you cry and laugh with them. The love and grief you may feel for them and with them is real.
Beautiful Brenda, Spirit Of The Dove, we love you and we miss you but we know that you are now in His hands, with our beloved Lord. May you look down on us and smile. God Bless you and keep you, friend.

Mental out