Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Monday, again.

It's Monday and it's back to work. 5 am came very early this morning. Well, it does every morning but, this morning, I really didn't want to get up and get ready or go to work. It's happening more and more. Ah well, such is life. I am sure it is that way for everyone, for the most part.
I wanted to have something really cool to blog about today but lately my creative juices have not been flowing. It's ok, it happens. I will get in the groove again soon. If you would like, check out some other sites I work on: and or my homepage: Please bare in mind that I am only a geek-wanna-be and not a full grown geek yet. Somedays I wonder if I will ever grow up and then other days, I don't want to grow up! Ahhhh will I ever learn. LOL
Today Ty gets to stay home on his own, for the first time. Big J is more than a little nervous about this. Let me back up a bit...Ty is my husband and I's youngest of 3. Ty is 11 but, he is a little bit behind mentally than he should be. He can't help it, he's had some issues. Ty is my step-son actually and without going into a lot ot details, he came to live with us about 5 months ago now. Where he lived before....we will just say it was certainly NOT the best environment for a child. It's sad and tragic but, happy days are here for Ty now. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent!) ((I always wanted to say that! LOL))So, Ty is a bit slower than the other 2 creatures we have but, he will be fine. Big J, my hubby, is pretty worried but, he is giving this whole independance thing a shot, starting with today. I am crossing my fingers for him. In 2 weeks, his older terror of a sister will be here with him. I am not too sure that it will be any better for him when she is here. Merkle is 13 and wayyyyy ahead of her years. She lets Ty and everyone else know it as well. I have to give her credit though. she is gooooood sometimes in her....ah...adventures. When she was here for Christmas break, she and her friend snuck into Ty's room during the night. (He sleeps like the dead!) They proceeded to give him a make over, included was the ever popular hair conditioner called 'shaving creme' , hot pink lipstick, lavishly applied to lips AND cheeks, sparkling pink eye shadow and more! Then, the took pictures and posted it for the world to see...Ty in all his glory...on Myspace. I soooo had to restrain myself from just busting a gut laughing when it was time to 'punish' Merkle!

Anyway, I am sure Ty will be fine. It will be a learning and growing experience for him. And, he has all the emergency numbers and good neighbors to call on should something occur. The real threat is when Big J comes home and sees that Ty didn't listen to a word about what chores were to be done. No crossing my fingers on that one...Ty is a goner!

Till next time... God bless and keep you!