Saturday, January 10, 2009

Big Happenings in this New Year!

I tell you...God can just up and flip your world in ways you never expect any time He wants!
I am sure you all know just how bad the economy is, you are living with it in your own way. Things here in Indiana are very, very rough, especially for our family, with living on just my income and believe me, I make next to nothing! I literally make just slightly over minimum wage these days! A drastic reduction. We have had to make many choices, as I am sure you all have, on what to pay and what we can put off a week or two...or three. It came down to where we could really not even pay our rent and keep the family fed. Forget about medicines, they are simply NOT in our budget! Winter clothes, including a coat, nope, not this year.
So, some how, there came a thought...what if we move? Perhaps other areas though hit by all this would not be hit as hard as this auto/RV industry area. We tossed it round and round and discussed it with my son and his wife. He had gotten laid off and just his wife working but, their last straw came when she got laid off as well. He made up his mind very quickly, they were getting out!
We were suddenly faced with the fact that we would be in this frozen, perma-cloud, depressed state alone. We didn't like that idea but, with the bills we have, we just didn't think a move would be advisable for us this year. Maybe we could follow the next year.
We wavered back and forth, back and forth, weighing the pros and cons. There were so many things to think about and just decided to leave it up to God. After all, it's His plan, this life of ours. We didn't really do that though and finally we just decided that we had to go for it! We so do not want to be here any more and struggling ourselves to death! WE are going to move too! We would share the expense with my son and we would all go together.
We are moving to Charleston, SC, where I spent many years and have family there so, it's not to some unknown destination. We have a lead on a house and great job prospects already so though we are terrified, it's in an excited way! You know, the butterflies in your tummy kinda way.
So many things to get down before this huge move! Wow! And we said we would 'never' move again let alone across the country, AGAIN! LOL Never say never!
I will keep you updated as I can but, this lady is one busy and 'Mental' momma right now!
God bless and keep you till next time...
Mental out