Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Work is kicking my bottom and that is all there is to it! I can never do enough, get enough done the 'way we like it', or be perfect enough! Have you ever worked for all women and all totally and completely anal women to boot? Oh My God!! Plus, I had 2 hours of training that consisted of watching and scrambling to take notes while the person who had done the job for years flew thru doing it and I watched! I don't know about you but, I don't learn that way, I am a hands on learning. You would think since I am doing the company invoices and entering the $$ information into the spreadsheets for the President's and Accountant's reports that they would want to train me!! Geeshhh!! When I mentioned, very carefully, that I didn't feel that 2 hours of watching someone do the job, one hour one week and one hour the next week was adequate training, I was told "well, no one helped me, I had to figure it out by myself so, figure it out." Excuse me but, dang!!! I can't get over these women!! Where on earth did they crawl out from under?
There is one lady, she is very helpful, kind and sweet but, she doesn't really work with or near me so, kindness is far away.
Now, these are the ladies in the office that I am speaking of. The people in the production area that I worked in for background training, they are all so awesome!!! They are really great people! What a difference it is from the people in 'the back' to the 'ladies' and I use that term VERY loosely, out front. It's kinda sad really.
Oh well, all I can do is pray and do the very best job I can do. I was told NOT to make any mistakes....LMBO!! Since last time I looked I was not God, I think that might be a bit hard to do.
Till next time....
Mental out