Monday, October 27, 2008

A Breezy Monday!

Well, today was not an ordinary Monday to say the least! LOL I went to work. It was really freezing out and we even had some snow in the wee hours. So, I wore my fav pants, black corduroys that are really snuggly! It was dark and rainy by the time I left however the ride in was fine. I was feeling a bit sleepy and wiggling an awful lot in my chair to keep awake. After 3 cups of coffee, a Diet Orange and a Mt. Dew, I was making several trips to the ladies room and no closer to waking up. Late in the morning, about 11:40am, I was just coming back and plopping back down into my chair when I heard a strange sound. Actually, I had been hearing it all morning but couldn't figure out what it was. This time however it was a bit louder. I said to myself, "that sounds like a ripping of cloth sound." but, I paid it no mind and went back to my task. After a moment, I noticed that my... behind was feeling quite a draft! I had been getting chillier and chillier but, I thought the temp was dropping. Well, something was dropping indeed but, it wasn't the temperature!! My bottom was now down right COLD! I reached around to warm it up a bit by pulling my coat further over my chair. That's when I felt it....a soft, snuggly piece of material. I couldn't quite figure this out...then, I felt my behind...felt icey cold skin and panties!! NOT the warm, soft material that was supposed to be there!! I jumped up! The whole bottom of my pants had ripped out!! Horizontally and were working there way vertically now!! Think of those old drop bottom jammies!! Yep, my bottom was exposed to all the elements and co-workers in the whole office!! Not only that, I had to walk from the back of the office to the front where my boss's office is to tell her I had to go home! AND, explain why! OMGssshhh!! I was mortified!! Then, I had to go down from the second story of the office building, across to the other side of the complex and across the whole parking lot!!!! No, my coat did NOT cover it as it had ripped to wide and long by now! Believe it or not, not one sole saw me! Or if they did, they didn't say a word!
My snuggy cords are now in the rag pile and another Monday goes down in Mental history for another blonde moment!
Mental out....LMBO...for REAL!