Tuesday, July 1, 2008


After a wild day with the family at Cedar Point, it was 6pm and time to board the chartered bus to return home. My head was pounding after the day in 90 degree+ heat with just as much humidity! Cedar Point is NOT a place for persons of larger size, I might add.
I fought the valiant fight, keeping up with two kids and my hubby who is the biggest kid of all! Running here, there, everywhere, wiping the pouring sweat from my brow as I screamed internally in pure exhaustion.
Now, it was time to go home, looking forward to a restful bus ride where I did not have to move, drive, think or otherwise function, I sat down and my head just about exploded! I thought, I must just be more tired than I thought. By the time we reached our destination, and our own car to drive another 30 minutes to our home, my thoughts were blurry and the explosion in my head was 100 times worse. I almost could not complete the drive home, passing out on a curve isn't the thing to do, let me tell you!
Finally reaching home, silence ensued and we all hit our beds. Waking sometime early the next day to a still screaming head and a body that would not cool down, I knew wasn't going to make for a good weekend. I was suffering and suffering big time! All our weekend plans went out the window as Mom was down for the count!
This is the 4th day from that fated Friday and I still feel like crud! Anyone have any home remedies for an old lady who had too much heat, kids and 'fun'? I am in misery here! LOL