Thursday, June 26, 2008

Heart Stopper!!

I am struck dead at the sight of Jeffrey Dean Morgan!! This man makes my breath catch in my chest every single time I see him!!! He is drop-dead-eatem-with-a-spoon gorgeous!!!!
Ohhh!! My heart leaps to my throat and it is so hard to swallow! Then, WHAM! My heart stops!!

Somebody call 911 cause I am dying here!!

At night I pray, "Dear God, Can I PLEASE, PLEASE Pretty-please with pink sugar on top, have him!!??" So far, I haven't gotten a response.

Anyone got a napkin? I have a little drool on my chin...

Getting Paid to Blog: All or Nothing?

Many of us saw the news story on the woman who gets 40,000.00$ a month from her blog. We were shocked and just knew we could do it too! Many of us are with PayPerPost. I am as well. However, today I am wondering why. I am not going to pull any punches here...other than the first 2 opportunities I got, one of them for talking about them, there hasn't been any more opportunities! It really makes me sad. I really wanted to do this! I wanted to do a good job at it as well. It was a learning experience in many ways too. There are so many reasons I was excited about it, not just from a monetary sense.
So, far, it seems that it was all talk and no walk. I am hanging in there though and I will keep you updated. If I need to eat my words at a later date, I certainly will do so.
Come on PayPerPost, show me I am wrong here! Give us opportunities!!
A very discouraged blogger....
Mental out