Thursday, June 26, 2008

Heart Stopper!!

I am struck dead at the sight of Jeffrey Dean Morgan!! This man makes my breath catch in my chest every single time I see him!!! He is drop-dead-eatem-with-a-spoon gorgeous!!!!
Ohhh!! My heart leaps to my throat and it is so hard to swallow! Then, WHAM! My heart stops!!

Somebody call 911 cause I am dying here!!

At night I pray, "Dear God, Can I PLEASE, PLEASE Pretty-please with pink sugar on top, have him!!??" So far, I haven't gotten a response.

Anyone got a napkin? I have a little drool on my chin...

Getting Paid to Blog: All or Nothing?

Many of us saw the news story on the woman who gets 40,000.00$ a month from her blog. We were shocked and just knew we could do it too! Many of us are with PayPerPost. I am as well. However, today I am wondering why. I am not going to pull any punches here...other than the first 2 opportunities I got, one of them for talking about them, there hasn't been any more opportunities! It really makes me sad. I really wanted to do this! I wanted to do a good job at it as well. It was a learning experience in many ways too. There are so many reasons I was excited about it, not just from a monetary sense.
So, far, it seems that it was all talk and no walk. I am hanging in there though and I will keep you updated. If I need to eat my words at a later date, I certainly will do so.
Come on PayPerPost, show me I am wrong here! Give us opportunities!!
A very discouraged blogger....
Mental out

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

OMGsssh!! I've been tagged! Is that a good thing? I have no clue how or who to tag! I might just end up being a random tagger! Hummm might be a good way to make some new friends!
Anyway, here goes:
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Ok... 7 facts about myself:

1. Bagpipe music almost always makes me cry!
2. I am the biggest whimp in the world and hate confrontation...but, will kill for loved ones!
3. I was a police officer.
4. There are many people I miss that will always hold a special place in my heart.
5. I am a geek-wanna-be!
6. I am overly sensitive.
7. I LOVE to create things!

People I am tagging:

I choose these people as I visit there sites often, learn from them by seeing what they are doing and because I love their work!
Blessings all!

What's Girl To Do?

So, here I am at work, you know, the job that I won't have in 2 and a half weeks, and here's the issue, or issues as the case may be. I now am no longer interested in being here or really even doing the best job I can do. I know that is wrong, I shouldn't feel that way and I should continue to do the best job possible, I do know that and it is the Christian way, the right way for me. Still, it's very, very hard. Especially since there have been incidents that have occured since they announced in a meeting that I would be out of a job in 3 weeks WITHOUT talking to me first. Imagine my surprise and hurt, plus, everyone looking at me when all I want to do is cry! I can't imagine doing that to anyone! I guess they don't have the same ethics I do.
To top that off, I got a phone call where 2 of the owners were yelling at me about a file and I had no clue what they were talking about! I finally got them to calm down and tell me what in the world they were talking about only to realize, their son, the other owner, had not done what he should have done for me to do my part. I didn't say that but, kindly told them that I had no information on this file. Promptly they called their son and to my astonishment, he tells them that first: he has forgotten to do what he needed to do, then quickly realizes what he's said and amends it with: "I gave it to her 2 months ago, she lost it", which is an out and out lie! Of course, they believe him but, I have the whole team in my department on my side as they all know that was a lie, for various reasons.
So, here I am with this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach and heart, not wanting to be here and having to. What do I do? What is the right thing to do? Suck it up and do what I am supposed to no matter what? I guess so but, I really don't want to. Geeshhh...I need more than a deep breath on this one.
I just want a job where I can do a good job, serve a purpose, add to the team a little, use what brain I have and get a little creative! Ok, I would LOVE to get a lot creative but, people don't want to give an old lady with no formal degree, a chance. It's a darn shame cause they don't know what they are missing!! I have tons of ideas, thoughts and abilities! Did you forget that wisdom comes with age, people? Well, at least for some it does. *thinking of my current situation*
For others, not so much.
I wonder if anyone reading this would like an old.... no, well-seasoned, still trainable and more willing to be trained, voluptuous..I throw that in cause we all know that people DO judge by size and looks whether we all want to admit it or not, young at heart lady to work as part of their team....?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

L.DS_Daydreams Scrap Review

Good Morning!

I just finished working with another kit from the wonderful designer Loyal! If you haven't checked her awesome stuff out yet, be sure to do so! You can find her at:
As I was working with this new kit, the first thing I noticed was that she has all the parts nice and organized into folders! Elements and Papers being the two folders and within them, more organized folders. How great is that?! It was easy to choose what things you want to work with when you don't have to hunt and hunt to find them.
The next thing I noticed, she had several wonderful and DIFFERENT papers to choose from! As a designer myself, one thing I have issues with is making papers. She created some very nice, very diversified papers in this kit.I found that this kit leads to inspiration in and of itself. What I mean is, when I opened it to work with, I had no idea of what I was going to do with it. As I looked around it, I started to get ideas! That is amazing! It is a simply kit but the possibilities for creating with it are endless!! Monumental feat, Loyal, and a job well done!!
Another A++ kit in my book just for the inspiration it gave me on an early Saturday morning!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sad and Blue

I just found out that due to cost cutting for the company, I will no longer have a job in three weeks! I am scared, no, terrified and simply beyond knowing what to do! I can't think, I just want to cry! This economy we live in is killing us!!
I am doing my best to put it in God's hands. That is just so hard to do!
By God's Grace....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fantasy Air Scrap Kit Review


I am honored to have been asked to review this wonderful scrap kit by Loyal! It is called Fantasy Air and I used the tagger sized version for review.
First and foremost, I LOVE the colors in this set! Very soft and yet...strong, if that makes sense? They didn't wash out when you combined them with the elements. Therefore, you didn't loose your background papers and I love that!
The elements were frames and bows. I rarely use frames but, I found that these frames worked very well with the creation process making it easy and quick to create a tag. Very useful for quick tags like you use when welcoming a new member.
I also checked any resizing issues and found none! That is an A++ in my book! Too often when you have to resize to make tags, they come out jaggedy and unclear. Not so in this case!
I found this kit to be lovely and wonderful for quick tag making! Thank you, Loyal, for another wonderful kit!

Please visit Loyal's site for more great scrapping kits!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Crazy Life!

Wow! Things are really crazy round the Mental Home! What is in the water? The air? Full moon? I haven't a clue but, it's nuts! The kids are all wired up and non-stop, other half won't sit still or even take a breath to let me talk to him about anything before he is up and running again!
I need some peace, sanity and structure and all that is out the window for sure! Did I make life this way? Or, did someone who really had it out for me, do this to me? *wiggles eyebrows in a investigative, peering fashion* LOL
I want to create! My family won't give me time to just sit down, uninterrupted and let me be! I promised myself that this last weekend I would do my creating and that was that! Did I get it done? Heck no! I was off running and running, paying this bill and that, going here and there, errands for everyone and when at home, doing everything for everyone! If I only had the night time, when everyone was asleep, I know I would get masterpieces started AND finished! Ah well. Such is life right now. I barely have time to keep up here!
Well, I finished my part of our Collaborative kit at ABCDesignz and although it wasn't as I envisioned when I started out, I got something done. Be sure to check it out at our scrapsite. You can find the link in the Check These Out section of my blog here. I am starting another one as well but, this will be slower. I am wanting to do some really new and different stuff. I was playing a bit the other day before I got interrupted. It's going to be a kind of 'wintery' colored kit with blues and silver so, we will see what happens. I can't wait to see where this new vision for the kit takes me! *smiles*
If only I could get paid for real, for being online and creating!! Oh, I would be in heaven!! I just have to learn more, practice more, read more, visit more tuts and sites, work more in psp and other programs I don't have yet... I NEED more time! LOL
Till we meet again...
Mental out!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Catching Up!

Wow! The last few days have been absolutely a mad house! I have been working double and triple duty at work, with no end in sight. This is a great thing however, it is crazy and while I am fairly new to this duty and still in training, I have only had about 15 minutes of it, I tend to get wild about it. I am just praying that I can work my way through it without making too many BIG mistakes. Small ones I can deal with, big ones, I can deal with but, don't want to have to.
Not only are things wild at work but, at home as well. We are having some issues with Ty...he just doesn't use his head, at all, and therefore making some really stupid and dangerous mistakes! He is not really committing the mistakes himself, only some of them, but, he is hanging out with a friend who is doing some stuff. Now, before you leap on this, Ty only has this one friend and they are pretty closely supervised 99% of the time. Still, boys being boys, they tend to fall below the radar every now and then. It's those times that the problems are occuring. Last night I told Ty that he could not play with this friend any more. Still, I feel bad as he literally was Ty's only friend.
Plus, Mer monster will be coming for the summer this weekend and we have been making arrangements to get her here, dealing with her latest dramas and shopping for end of the year 'must have' items. She is like a whirlwind! She takes your breath away!
And, on top of that, my other half is very, very ill with oral issues! He is in desperate need of surgery with tons of infections and dangerous levels entering his blood system. Not good at all! Since he has no insurance, we can't get this taken care of and I will talk more about that later. I am really upset with this and all he has had to go through while fighting massive pain and infection!
So, busy, busy here and just dropped by to catch up a little. Will be back soon!

Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Monday, again.

It's Monday and it's back to work. 5 am came very early this morning. Well, it does every morning but, this morning, I really didn't want to get up and get ready or go to work. It's happening more and more. Ah well, such is life. I am sure it is that way for everyone, for the most part.
I wanted to have something really cool to blog about today but lately my creative juices have not been flowing. It's ok, it happens. I will get in the groove again soon. If you would like, check out some other sites I work on: and or my homepage: Please bare in mind that I am only a geek-wanna-be and not a full grown geek yet. Somedays I wonder if I will ever grow up and then other days, I don't want to grow up! Ahhhh will I ever learn. LOL
Today Ty gets to stay home on his own, for the first time. Big J is more than a little nervous about this. Let me back up a bit...Ty is my husband and I's youngest of 3. Ty is 11 but, he is a little bit behind mentally than he should be. He can't help it, he's had some issues. Ty is my step-son actually and without going into a lot ot details, he came to live with us about 5 months ago now. Where he lived before....we will just say it was certainly NOT the best environment for a child. It's sad and tragic but, happy days are here for Ty now. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent!) ((I always wanted to say that! LOL))So, Ty is a bit slower than the other 2 creatures we have but, he will be fine. Big J, my hubby, is pretty worried but, he is giving this whole independance thing a shot, starting with today. I am crossing my fingers for him. In 2 weeks, his older terror of a sister will be here with him. I am not too sure that it will be any better for him when she is here. Merkle is 13 and wayyyyy ahead of her years. She lets Ty and everyone else know it as well. I have to give her credit though. she is gooooood sometimes in her....ah...adventures. When she was here for Christmas break, she and her friend snuck into Ty's room during the night. (He sleeps like the dead!) They proceeded to give him a make over, included was the ever popular hair conditioner called 'shaving creme' , hot pink lipstick, lavishly applied to lips AND cheeks, sparkling pink eye shadow and more! Then, the took pictures and posted it for the world to see...Ty in all his glory...on Myspace. I soooo had to restrain myself from just busting a gut laughing when it was time to 'punish' Merkle!

Anyway, I am sure Ty will be fine. It will be a learning and growing experience for him. And, he has all the emergency numbers and good neighbors to call on should something occur. The real threat is when Big J comes home and sees that Ty didn't listen to a word about what chores were to be done. No crossing my fingers on that one...Ty is a goner!

Till next time... God bless and keep you!