Saturday, November 29, 2008

This and That!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day Holiday! I am so thankful for many things and the day was a really good one! My son cooked and carried all the food to my house. It was very special to me as I have been very, very sick for about 10 days now! It was such a blessing for him to do this and I will treasure the memories for a long time! He is so funny! He tried to stuff a 22lb turkey into his spit roaster every way he was hilarious listening to him describe it! That bird ended up in the big roasting pan and turned out tasty enough. LOL
Monday is December 1st and Christmas is fast approaching. It will be a bit of a sad Christmas this year with the money situation in fact, I am not sure how I am going to do Christmas at all but, I am going to give it my best shot. My beautiful Mer-Monster won't be with me but, I will have my son and Grandson and I am thankful for that. I am looking forward to it, don't get me wrong, I think it's just that I am still so sick and it kinda has me down.
My beautiful Angel Unaware Aubrey and her awesome other half brought me a wonderful blessing of boxes of food! Mr. Ginzer's class, Aubrey's other half, collected all the goodies and gave them out to those in need. What a special bunch of kids Mr. Ginzer's class is!! I am so touched and proud of them and so very, very thankful! What a blessing it has been!!
Well, my brain is stuffed and can't hold a coherent thought so, I am signing off for now and looking forward to less congested days! LOL
Mental out

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Money Saver Tip!!

We all know that things are really difficult right now and we are tightening our belts more than ever...well, Hubby found this really, AWESOME way to save money. We have been doing this for 3 weeks now. He was looking for recipes and went to and found this amazing place on their site:
This gives you a menu for 5 days and all the ingredients it takes to cook the meals plus, the recipes! They are all very easy and really great tasting!
We were spending between 100.00$ - 140.00$ per week for a family of 4 that eats ALOT! We have since cut our grocery bill pretty much in half! Our highest weekly bill since utilizing this awesome sight has been 66.00$!! This is the total for ALL groceries purchased this week...including cat food, lunch meat, sodas and a very few extras. Don't get me wrong, we look for the most conservative staple that the recipe calls for and our 'extra' purchases are VERY few but, we have really started saving!
Another thing you can do to save some money is start a spending journal. This ones a bit tougher to keep up with and takes commitment, real dedication but, it does work! What you do is get a little note book you can keep in your purse and every single time you spend money on any item, you record it. Say you stop and get gas and a record it: 10.00$ (gas-Marathon) 1.49$ Mt. Dew. You RECORD EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE NO MATTER HOW SMALL! That is the key! Once you do it for 2 weeks to a month, you analyze it and you will be very surprised at how much money you spent for non-necessary items and how much you could have saved or put toward something else.
So, there are a coupla fairly easy ways you can save some money that you can 'see' immediatly. Let me know if you try one or both and how it works for you!

Mental out

Monday, November 17, 2008


Today was the first day of my new job....and all I can say is..Oh My poor ole body is aching to beat all! I will be working in the office but, to be more knowledgeable about what the plant creates, all new employees must work all plant positions during the first week. Don't get me wrong, I really believe it's a great's just that my body doesn't! Can you say 'Ibuprophen'? Still, I just keep thinking all's only 1 week, it's only one week..there's no place like home, there's no place like home...I mean, it's only 1 week...
I met several people and they were very nice...aren't we all in the beginning? Oh that was a wicked thing to say! LOL Still, they were very nice! I really do look forward to this new beginning in this new position and look forward to the endless possibilities it brings. More than anything, I am thankful to my Lord and God for bringing this blessing to me!! Thru Him, all things are possible!

Take care...Mental Out

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Got It!

Well, I just found out that I got the job! I start on Monday so, 3 days left of freedom and then, the torture begins! Don't get me wrong, I am more than thankful to the Lord for bringing me this blessing!! He did this, not me! I just know that this job will be very difficult! LOL I begin by learning the production area...what the company creates, before I will move into my office position. I will work out on the production floors for 1 to 3 weeks...that is where I will be made or broken! LOL I know this ole worn out body is gonna be hurtin!
Anyway, just thought I would update you all!

Mental Out

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today's Opportunity

Finally...I went to a job interview today. It was...well, I really can't describe it. LOL It was a good interview and I felt it went well. The pay is lower than I would like but, there are opportunities in the company. The company is a production plant, small and owned by a woman. It is also run by 98% women. They employ women from shelters, of various backgrounds, races, cultures and the magority of the ladies are over the age of 50. The work force is comprised of persons with various orientations and backgrounds. The regiment of the job would be a challenge but, I would love the diversity of all the different cultures blending into one 'family' as the owner calls it.
I consider it not only a challenge but an opportunity and blessing. I can't wait to see if I get hired and what happens after that.

Mental out

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Loss of a friend

News came to me today that a friend from the online world, the PSP and Graphics world, had passed away during the night. I joined my first 'PSP List' about 8 years ago and Spirit Of The Dove was on that list with me. She was a kind, gentle and sweet lady. Over the years, we spoke only occasionally but, we 'knew' each other. She was loved and will be greatly missed!
'Back in the day', as people say, it was a bit of a taboo if you will, to have 'friends' online but, we have quickly moved past that. When you spend a good amount of time online, no matter what you do, blogging, playing games, chatting, whatever it is, you 'meet' people and form 'relationships'. These people fill places in your heart, you come to care about them, share their happy and sad moments, you may know all about their lives. You pray for them, you cry and laugh with them. The love and grief you may feel for them and with them is real.
Beautiful Brenda, Spirit Of The Dove, we love you and we miss you but we know that you are now in His hands, with our beloved Lord. May you look down on us and smile. God Bless you and keep you, friend.

Mental out

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Day In History

Into the night, I sat watching the Nation live out a dream. Hope was realized, a country came together. The first African-American man was elected as our new president. Emotions were high and I felt myself overwhelmed at all that was taking place before our very eyes. There were tears in our house as we finally believed that there might indeed be some hope for us all.
Tho I differed from Obama on his abortion morals, in all sense of those, I just could not let those concerns sway my vote. No, I don't agree with his fetal care, or no care policies, no, I don't agree with any of the choices he has a record on in that regard. However, as an unemployed Mother, watching my family loose all it's hope and we sink in despair, I had to vote for change! We simply can not take any more OR, have any more taken from us!! I can pray that Obama changes his views on the right to life, abortion and all things in that area. I differ from most Christians in that I believe we have God given free will and the right to choice is granted there in. Personally, at this stage in my life, I am pro-life BUT only after given a choice! What I am saying is, it is an extremely personal issue and I believe that every woman should be given a choice! As a Christian, I would pray for her and pray she is given all information and support that she needs to make the correct decision but, I would not take that choice from her.
As we watch the next couple of months, and the next year, or two, I pray that our hope was placed in the right person and that we all begin to realize that it is not by OUR will that this country once again grows strong but, by God's will and His alone! God must be brought back to America. There is brokenness, heartache, degradation, loss, loneliness and hopelessness throughout homes and this country. As we fell away from God, in our homes, in our government, in our lives, despair and evil was made welcome. Crime rates soar, abuse, racism, murder, hate...the list goes on and on and we have watched it growing every day and we sit and wonder what on earth is going on? The answer is simple and right there, it has been all the time. We fell away from the principals this country was founded on and before that, the principals that Jesus came and gave to us. We fell away from God. When there is no light, there can only be darkness.
I pray that God will once more grant us mercy and shine His light and love on us. I pray that the hope we feel again, will remain and grow flowing all over our Nation and our lives. I pray that all those that are lost, will be found. I pray that in despair and darkness, we will find hope and light once more.
By God's grace...By God's will...Amen.
Mental out