Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Catching Up!

Wow! The last few days have been absolutely a mad house! I have been working double and triple duty at work, with no end in sight. This is a great thing however, it is crazy and while I am fairly new to this duty and still in training, I have only had about 15 minutes of it, I tend to get wild about it. I am just praying that I can work my way through it without making too many BIG mistakes. Small ones I can deal with, big ones, I can deal with but, don't want to have to.
Not only are things wild at work but, at home as well. We are having some issues with Ty...he just doesn't use his head, at all, and therefore making some really stupid and dangerous mistakes! He is not really committing the mistakes himself, only some of them, but, he is hanging out with a friend who is doing some stuff. Now, before you leap on this, Ty only has this one friend and they are pretty closely supervised 99% of the time. Still, boys being boys, they tend to fall below the radar every now and then. It's those times that the problems are occuring. Last night I told Ty that he could not play with this friend any more. Still, I feel bad as he literally was Ty's only friend.
Plus, Mer monster will be coming for the summer this weekend and we have been making arrangements to get her here, dealing with her latest dramas and shopping for end of the year 'must have' items. She is like a whirlwind! She takes your breath away!
And, on top of that, my other half is very, very ill with oral issues! He is in desperate need of surgery with tons of infections and dangerous levels entering his blood system. Not good at all! Since he has no insurance, we can't get this taken care of and I will talk more about that later. I am really upset with this and all he has had to go through while fighting massive pain and infection!
So, busy, busy here and just dropped by to catch up a little. Will be back soon!