Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh My Gosh!

"Hello! Computer! Do you hearrrr me?" *peering and growling at the beast* "I did NOT mean to lose that HTML thingymabob! Now you put it back here right now!"

*Smiles in that Ha! I am blonde, I rule and you drewl kinda way while filing nails and waiting for puter to fix what 'it' goofed up!*

Yeah know, it would be sooo much easier if the computer could read minds. I mean just think, you could get sooo much accomplished so much easier. I know it can't but, wouldn't it be great if the computer did what you WANTED it to do and NOT what you made it do?!! That would be awesome!

I really believe that somewhere out there, there is a programmer that could take my ideas, make a 'Blonde' program and we would both be rich! I know just how it should go too! *Grins in that seeeeee, blondes are NOT stupid way* You just have to be able to cut, copy, paste and drag everything! Simple! Viola! Seriously, I have some really great ideas here! Especially for Web Designing! It could be sooo easy! The computer would have all the layouts, knowing the secret HTML thingy codes and all like it does, it would let you pick one, then, you could drag all your pics, music, blinkies, fav sites and all onto that page and Bada-Bing, Bada-Boom, one totally awesome Website! And see how easy that was?!

So, call me programmers! We will hook up and I will help you out! I am off now to the sale at the mall and of course I have my phone!

*Smiles in that I told you so kinda way and checks the mirror one last time*