Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Already!

I can't believe that it is November already and soon, all too soon, it will be 2010!! Remember when we never even believed that the year 2000 would come, that it was real? It was all Sci-Fi! LOL And look at us now!
I have begun Christmas shopping already and am doing really good with it. Not that much more to go! Yay! Well, 99% is in layway but, atleast it's there! What get's me tho is driving to Wallmart last night, I saw a house all decorated and lit up for Christmas! Wow! Halloween is barely over! Just takes some of the wonder of the season out of it for me when it's so early!
I revamped my layout a bit, more of a 'me' style now, more geared to what I am into these days. When I get my new computer and put PSP back on, I am sure I will have a WOW layout...WOW as in World of Warcraft! LOL Yes, I am still addicted and still loving it! I think it would be awesome to have more of my 'online' friends with me there...lol hint, hint.
My Mer Monster went to the fair with some friends so, thought I would post a coupla her pics here...lol

They ALWAYS have to prep in the big mirror in the kitchen!! Drives me nuts! lol Mer Monster is on the right.

The Mer Monster and some of her BFFs lol

That's about it for now I guess, going to see if WOW is done with Tuesday maintenance!! Let's roll out!

Mental out