Saturday, August 16, 2008

Growing Up and Out

Well, this week has been a time for growing. My youngest went back to school, his last year in elementary and my daughter, off to school in another state for her last year in middle school. They grow up quicker than the eye can catch. It's not sad, and I am glad for more peace in the house but, it's...well, it makes you slow up a bit and think. Think about the way time flies and how you have to grab hold of it sometimes. I think that is where I am now. Thinking that I need to grab hold. Of what, I am not quite sure yet but, something, I know. Before the time is all gone.
The kittens all found homes today as well. It was the first day for the Ad in the newspaper and they are gone. Mother in law ended up keeping the runt, tiger, a small orange tabby and the Mommy of them all, went to a wonderful family living on an 18 acre farm. She needed to be outside. The land is fenced in and she will have 2 other kitty friends there as well. When the lady came to get her, she stuck her paw out and touched the ladies arm, looking longingly at her and I knew she had found a home and heart to care for her! We just couldn't keep her couped up in this small apartment, it wasn't fair.
A single couple, the man in the military and the wife, a stay at home, work part time wife, came for the brindled babies. At first, they only took one, but, the man really wanted them both. The wife said no to him. They drove away and 15 mins later, he was back knocking at the door for the other one. It was too funny!
The other orange tabby went to a friend of ours. We will be able to see her any time.
So, I guess it was a really good day and all the babies got great homes!
I start work this Wednesday, a new temp assignment. I have to be positive about it and pray that things will work out. I am getting tired of being down so, time to hit the praying really hard! I don't want to be sad any more! Life's too dang short!
Guess that's it for now, I'm tired and going to read. Take care and see ya next time...
Mental out