Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Learning every day.

Good Morning!

So after watching the lesson on the Newspring site, which was awesome btw, I remembered all the things I have to be joyful for. And, thankful for. I am going to work very hard at that every day! I have to hold on to the blessings I have in life and NOT the negative. The more we remain dwelling in the negative in our lives, the more negative we have. It only fits.

I am on a mission now, to teach myself good habits, like finding the blessings in each and every day as well as showing my beautiful daughter how to do the same when she is finding nothing but trouble in her life. I know that it is so much easier to sit here and say all this than to do it. Doing it, finding blessings in your life, finding the positive, making that dang lemonade is so much like work. But, like good, hard work, the rewards are so much more worth it!

Maybe I can share a little of what I struggle with and learn with you. The teaching yesterday said that firstly, we have to remember that God is good. He does not bring bad things to us. Good thing cause we sure do enough of that ourselves! When you say, well, if God was good why did He allow this/that to happen and so on. We need to stop and say to ourselves... did I wake up this morning? God is good! Did I wake up in a bed this morning? God is good! Did I have choices in the clothes I would wear today? God is good! Did I have the choice of eating breakfast this morning and of what I would eat? God is good! And, so on. You get the point! We put way to much power in the wrong things in our lives and those things over take us! Let's start giving power to the one who deserves it and to the right things in our lives! Empower God and in turn, yourself today!

Mental Out