Monday, October 12, 2009


Grrrrr...I think that God created Monday's only to be the longest days ever! And what's worse, I hate my job!! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!! It's soooo mindless and boring. And yet, I am thankful that I HAVE a job in today's world. Sad but true.

Every day we live our lives in the constant fear of the unknown...will I be able to pay this bill or that bill, will I have enough for food, for gas to get to work, to make it thru the week, will my job be here tomorrow. I know that God never intended us to live this way and in truth, God tells us not to worry. As a 'good' Christian, I should not worry and yet, as a human being, wife and Mom in this 'real' world we live in today, I can't find a way not to worry. I admit that I live in constant fear and the life I was knew is gone. Not living with constant fear, worry and stress to me is impossible. Yes, I know the illogic of fearing something I have no control over but it is what it is. Living without fear is something I know nothing about. Turning it all over to God, WAY easier said than done and tho I trust in God, believing He is there, when it comes to fear that all goes out the window.

Every morning I drive into work, fighting the maddening traffic and beg God for a new job all the while thanking Him for the one I do have. Pitiful, but true. Who knows, maybe things will change and our prayers will be answered cause I know I surely am not alone in this? Right? lol

Ah well....
Mental out