Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Part 1

Ok, so, I went and took the first part of the Bus Driving Application test. A WHOLE lot of paperwork, which I can understand, and an hour long reading/comprehension test. Of course I completed it way before everyone else. I have always done that, I am not sure why. I do read fast but, I over analyse everything so I would think it would make me slower. Oh well. I feel pretty good about it so, now I wait to be notified in writing to see if I go on to the next step. Hire me already! lol
I have to go for my final eye exam today. I don't feel like the problem is corrected tho. My eyes still water terribly and hurt. Guess we will see what the Doc says. We are doing the final exam quickly as I have to get some glasses before my insurance expires in a couple of weeks. No telling how long it will be before I have insurance again.
I am praying for a job today, if you visit, please send a thought for me and my family upstairs to the big guy? Have a Blessed day, ya'll.

Mental Out.