Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well, the 'new' job is going ok. I mean, it's not my dream job but, it pays the bills. Speaking of dream jobs...what would be your dream job? As for me, well, can you get paid for playing WOW (World of Warcraft)? I don't think so. That would be my dream job! lol to play and play and play. Yes, I am addicted, I freely admit it; I need WOWAholics Anonymous! I even named my Guild that but, I got flagged for an inappropriate/non-rp (role playing) name. What that means is, I had to change it. :O( Anyway, I digress...yes, I would be a billionaire if I got paid to play!
I love playing WOW more than anything, yes, I said anything!
When you first join WOW you have to choose a side, Alliance or Horde. I chose Alliance so to me, the Horde are the bad guys. I play a Night-Elf, Druid and my jobs are skinning and tailoring...I also do fishing and cooking. If you played, you would know what I meant. My level currently is a 64, half way to 65. Her name is Amariese. I used that name some years ago to do online free-style role playing. What that means basically is a group of us did role playing in the form of posting to each other in a specially designed site. It was called Flatearth and I LOVED it! I lived at the Skulking Orc Inn...I miss those days. The Inn and Flatearth have long since gone but my heart will ever remain with the Inn...and those I played with there. Sometimes I wonder where they are, how they are doing and if they also play WOW. I bet they do. :O) Anyway, Amariese now lives on the Cenarion Circle (server on WOW) and spends her time questing, leveling, doing dungons and working her craft(s). There is never enough time for her to get everything she wants to do done!
I also have a Gnome, Anomie, a DK (Death Knight) and yes, I have a Blood-Elf (Horde) but she isn't leveled at all.
I love all my girls.
I play my main most, Amariese, and I have a wonderful friend that I play with...Stella...lol We have so much fun it's ridiculous! My family plays too but, they don't play the same way I do and so they really don't care to play with me so much. They are more...structured if you will, in their game style. Me, I am all over the place willy-nilly...just like I am in real life! Sometimes I just fish and run around. It all depends on my mood.
Yes, I really am Amariese....hummmm....

Till next time...
Mental out