Monday, July 7, 2008

July 7th, The Monday After

It is the Monday after July 4th weekend. I hope each and every one of you had a safe and happy Holiday weekend.
Today begins my last week at my present job. To be honest, in most ways, I am not sorry to go but, with the economy the way it is, I am terrified in most other ways. I will leave it in God's hands.
This Holiday weekend was pretty simple in the Mental house. We went to a cookout on the 4th and did fireworks like most other folks. Nothing memorable and I guess, that is a good thing. For the rest of the weekend, it seemed that no one wanted to do a thing at all. They were vegetables and no amount of proding from me worked on them at all. I felt so good and full of energy on Saturday, I tried and tried to get them up and out, all to no avail. By Sunday, I gave in and turned into a turnip with them. We watched all of the Harry Potter movies, for about the millionth time and enjoyed them all over again. We are HUGE Harry Potter fans. We had a nice dinner Sunday night and simply laid back, eatting, watching movies and doing nothing. It was really nice.
And now it's Monday, back to the grind. My plan for this week is to get more fliers and business cards out for my new business, my Lawn Care and Landscaping business.
( )
We haven't been pusing it and now it's time to step it up into high gear! The kids get paid to pass out fliers and get a commission if their fliers generate business so, they are wanting to get out there. Well, at least the Mer Monster is. Ty-bo could care less. He has no mind set about anything but cartoons and play station. Geeshhh!
Anyway, I best get back to it.
Till next time....
Mental out