Monday, June 16, 2008

Crazy Life!

Wow! Things are really crazy round the Mental Home! What is in the water? The air? Full moon? I haven't a clue but, it's nuts! The kids are all wired up and non-stop, other half won't sit still or even take a breath to let me talk to him about anything before he is up and running again!
I need some peace, sanity and structure and all that is out the window for sure! Did I make life this way? Or, did someone who really had it out for me, do this to me? *wiggles eyebrows in a investigative, peering fashion* LOL
I want to create! My family won't give me time to just sit down, uninterrupted and let me be! I promised myself that this last weekend I would do my creating and that was that! Did I get it done? Heck no! I was off running and running, paying this bill and that, going here and there, errands for everyone and when at home, doing everything for everyone! If I only had the night time, when everyone was asleep, I know I would get masterpieces started AND finished! Ah well. Such is life right now. I barely have time to keep up here!
Well, I finished my part of our Collaborative kit at ABCDesignz and although it wasn't as I envisioned when I started out, I got something done. Be sure to check it out at our scrapsite. You can find the link in the Check These Out section of my blog here. I am starting another one as well but, this will be slower. I am wanting to do some really new and different stuff. I was playing a bit the other day before I got interrupted. It's going to be a kind of 'wintery' colored kit with blues and silver so, we will see what happens. I can't wait to see where this new vision for the kit takes me! *smiles*
If only I could get paid for real, for being online and creating!! Oh, I would be in heaven!! I just have to learn more, practice more, read more, visit more tuts and sites, work more in psp and other programs I don't have yet... I NEED more time! LOL
Till we meet again...
Mental out!