Friday, January 30, 2009

Disappointed Mom!

I am very, very angry with my daughter right now and so disappointed! She is a beautiful, outgoing, intelligent and common sense filled young lady...or so I thought! She is 14 and recently found a young man that she really, really likes. I have no problem with that. However lately their behavior is what I feel to be, out of control. We have discussed over and over sex, what is appropriate and not as well as the dangers of it, even simple things like kissing. She also has seen her cousin and friends hurt by inappropriate behavior.
She and her boyfriend have been kissing in school and now she has a hickey! I am so angry at her poor judgement and the fact that she finds nothing wrong with it! Where is my young lady who knows better? I can't believe how upset I am at this or how not upset she is!
So, what do you all think out there? I would love to know your thoughts and suggestions on this one!