Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas Miracle!

I have been trying and trying to get my oldest son to come to Granger Community Church with me!! It breaks my heart that he is not a Christian though when he was a child, there was no one closer to God than him. He has lost his way and is indeed a prodigal son. I have been praying and praying.
I asked him for one gift this Christmas. He has been unemployed for a while now and his 'wife' got her pink slip this week. I know how difficult things are. So, I asked him for one gift and told him that it wouldn't cost a thing, money wise, just in his time. I asked him to go to the Christmas Eve service at Church. At first, he was angry, as he always is when I bring up 'that place'. He refuses to talk about it and become biligerent. It breaks my heart. I very calmly told him that this was all I wanted for Christmas and that if it was as bad as he thought it was going to be, he would never have to come again. He finally, finally told me that he would think about it.
Tonight he called me. He was at the grocery store buying some baking supplies. They didn't have money for gifts so, he was going to make some cookies to give us, his family. There was a family in front of him, or so I thought he said as his phone was braking up a bit, a man, his wife and 2 children. Perhaps they were behind him and it was just a single man in front, I am not sure. The man took out his credit card and paid for his groceries. He had been 'playing' with my Grandson a bit while getting rung up. After he paid for his own groceries, he looked at my son. I know the look he must have seen...the 'what the F*** are you lookin at' look. He gestured to the cashier, leaned in and whispered something. He swiped his card again. He then turned and held out his hand to my son saying, "Merry Christmas, you won't need any money for your bill. I picked it up for you." My son said he was in shock, didn't think he heard right, asked him, "What? What did you say?" My daughter in law said, "Oh my God, oh, thank you, thank you..." stammering. My son said all he could say, and only in a whisper, was thank you and Merrry Christmas. With a smile, the man walked away paying 100.00$ for my son and his families groceries.
He also told me during this phone conversation that yes, he was going to Christmas Eve service with me.
So you see, there really are Christmas miracles and the most wonderful of all....the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ....He put the Christ in Christmas and I pray we never forget that no matter how difficult things are in our lives. No matter how little money we have, we can always give the one gift that is worth more than anything in this world...LOVE.
Merry Christmas and God Bless you.....