Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

OMGsssh!! I've been tagged! Is that a good thing? I have no clue how or who to tag! I might just end up being a random tagger! Hummm might be a good way to make some new friends!
Anyway, here goes:
I was tagged by: http://moonlightscraps.blogspot.com/

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Ok... 7 facts about myself:

1. Bagpipe music almost always makes me cry!
2. I am the biggest whimp in the world and hate confrontation...but, will kill for loved ones!
3. I was a police officer.
4. There are many people I miss that will always hold a special place in my heart.
5. I am a geek-wanna-be!
6. I am overly sensitive.
7. I LOVE to create things!

People I am tagging:

I choose these people as I visit there sites often, learn from them by seeing what they are doing and because I love their work!
Blessings all!

What's Girl To Do?

So, here I am at work, you know, the job that I won't have in 2 and a half weeks, and here's the issue, or issues as the case may be. I now am no longer interested in being here or really even doing the best job I can do. I know that is wrong, I shouldn't feel that way and I should continue to do the best job possible, I do know that and it is the Christian way, the right way for me. Still, it's very, very hard. Especially since there have been incidents that have occured since they announced in a meeting that I would be out of a job in 3 weeks WITHOUT talking to me first. Imagine my surprise and hurt, plus, everyone looking at me when all I want to do is cry! I can't imagine doing that to anyone! I guess they don't have the same ethics I do.
To top that off, I got a phone call where 2 of the owners were yelling at me about a file and I had no clue what they were talking about! I finally got them to calm down and tell me what in the world they were talking about only to realize, their son, the other owner, had not done what he should have done for me to do my part. I didn't say that but, kindly told them that I had no information on this file. Promptly they called their son and to my astonishment, he tells them that first: he has forgotten to do what he needed to do, then quickly realizes what he's said and amends it with: "I gave it to her 2 months ago, she lost it", which is an out and out lie! Of course, they believe him but, I have the whole team in my department on my side as they all know that was a lie, for various reasons.
So, here I am with this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach and heart, not wanting to be here and having to. What do I do? What is the right thing to do? Suck it up and do what I am supposed to no matter what? I guess so but, I really don't want to. Geeshhh...I need more than a deep breath on this one.
I just want a job where I can do a good job, serve a purpose, add to the team a little, use what brain I have and get a little creative! Ok, I would LOVE to get a lot creative but, people don't want to give an old lady with no formal degree, a chance. It's a darn shame cause they don't know what they are missing!! I have tons of ideas, thoughts and abilities! Did you forget that wisdom comes with age, people? Well, at least for some it does. *thinking of my current situation*
For others, not so much.
I wonder if anyone reading this would like an old.... no, well-seasoned, still trainable and more willing to be trained, voluptuous..I throw that in cause we all know that people DO judge by size and looks whether we all want to admit it or not, young at heart lady to work as part of their team....?