Friday, December 12, 2008


It's finally Friday and for a moment, I can sit back and do something I on my computer.
This week has been so very, very difficult! I can't ever remember working at a place so stressful and so difficult. I simply don't know if I am gonna make it or even how long I can hold on. I was told when I interviewed that the job qualifications were: Perfection, that you show up every single day, and you get along with others. I should have paid more attention to the "perfection" part, that and the low, low pay. I was so excited in this stressful time to finally have a job that I thought anything is better than nothing. Oh how wrong I was!! Don't get me wrong, I am thankful, very thankful for a job. It's just that I am human and thus, imperfect. Well, that is simply unexceptable! I am not joking, we are NOT allowed to make mistakes!! The world shudders and rocks when even the simplest of simple and easy correctible mistakes are made and the person that made the mistake is made to feel less than worthless! It is not a fun place to be! Still, I am hanging in there and praying for a better day.
Well, it's below 8 degrees outside so, I think I will settle in some blankets and do some reading.
Take care and God keep you!
Mental out