Monday, August 9, 2010


So, time for an update....
On the unemployment front, I still am...unemployed that is. I found out that I won't receive my unemployment for about 8 weeks more! How crazy is that!!?? It's already been 6 weeks! That is also IF the company doesn't fight my claim. Yikes!
Good news though...I did have an interview that I am VERY excited about! I feel it went well and it is a PERFECT fit for me and with my background, for them as well I believe. According to the interviewer, he will finish interviews this week, most likely on Wednesday, and then will select the top two to further interview. I am beyond nervous! I sooooooo want this job!! Beside the fact that I desperately need it. Please keep this in your prayers.
Nothing from the Church so, I am guessing that we weren't awarded assistance. That is ok, things will work out. Speaking of Church, the service on Sunday was amazing! The message was great and the pastor giving it was fantastic!! Tons of food for thought as well as laughter. I left feeling energized, reflective and ready for the the week.
On the down side, my computer is in the shop and they are telling me 2 - 3 weeks. GRRRRRR!! I am praying it is a warranty issue and can be fixed! I have to have it! lol Borrowing one really isn't fun! Time sharing on puters doesn't work!
Mer Monster left for FL for a week yesterday. I was missing her last night after I got home from running for the day. Ah well, a week will fly by and she will be home and I will be yelling at her again.
Guess that is about it.

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