Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Day In History

Into the night, I sat watching the Nation live out a dream. Hope was realized, a country came together. The first African-American man was elected as our new president. Emotions were high and I felt myself overwhelmed at all that was taking place before our very eyes. There were tears in our house as we finally believed that there might indeed be some hope for us all.
Tho I differed from Obama on his abortion morals, in all sense of those, I just could not let those concerns sway my vote. No, I don't agree with his fetal care, or no care policies, no, I don't agree with any of the choices he has a record on in that regard. However, as an unemployed Mother, watching my family loose all it's hope and we sink in despair, I had to vote for change! We simply can not take any more OR, have any more taken from us!! I can pray that Obama changes his views on the right to life, abortion and all things in that area. I differ from most Christians in that I believe we have God given free will and the right to choice is granted there in. Personally, at this stage in my life, I am pro-life BUT only after given a choice! What I am saying is, it is an extremely personal issue and I believe that every woman should be given a choice! As a Christian, I would pray for her and pray she is given all information and support that she needs to make the correct decision but, I would not take that choice from her.
As we watch the next couple of months, and the next year, or two, I pray that our hope was placed in the right person and that we all begin to realize that it is not by OUR will that this country once again grows strong but, by God's will and His alone! God must be brought back to America. There is brokenness, heartache, degradation, loss, loneliness and hopelessness throughout homes and this country. As we fell away from God, in our homes, in our government, in our lives, despair and evil was made welcome. Crime rates soar, abuse, racism, murder, hate...the list goes on and on and we have watched it growing every day and we sit and wonder what on earth is going on? The answer is simple and right there, it has been all the time. We fell away from the principals this country was founded on and before that, the principals that Jesus came and gave to us. We fell away from God. When there is no light, there can only be darkness.
I pray that God will once more grant us mercy and shine His light and love on us. I pray that the hope we feel again, will remain and grow flowing all over our Nation and our lives. I pray that all those that are lost, will be found. I pray that in despair and darkness, we will find hope and light once more.
By God's grace...By God's will...Amen.
Mental out