Saturday, October 18, 2008

A HUGE Thank You!!

My wonderful and awesome friend, Denise, taught me how to change my blog layout!! I am so thankful!! I goofed it at first and lost my ad placements/htmls but, I just put new ones on. I did my own design, LOL, it's my very first so, please, bare that in mind while viewing. I also had to change my font coloring but, I just love the thought that I can change the background any time now!! I can't wait to learn how to change the Title Header pic now!! Wooohooo!! I got the tubes I used in this design from a scrap kit called: "Growing Pumpkins" I am not sure who the creator is but, if you know, please contact me so that I can give them credit!
I have my second design already to go and am dedicating it to's a surprise and I really hope she likes it! Here is a preview:

Nothing fancy...but, it's from the heart! The preview is kinda funky here but, I guess you get the idea. Thank you, Denise!! You are so AWESOME!!

Mental out

Freecycle Organization

I have the link to the group I was telling you about! To find the group in your area, please go to this website:
Hope it works for you!!

Mental out

This and That

It's a gorgeous Saturday morning, a chill in the air and the sun is just starting to peek out from the horizon. I have great hopes that today will be a wonderful day!
I am choosing not to stress over money worries today! Now, that may be easier said than done but, I am going to work on it.
I joined a new Yahoo group about a week ago, it's called and it is awesome! You sign up for your area and then people post with free stuff they want to offer or things they are looking for. It's like having a yard sale every day! It's well worth finding one in your location! When I know the exact name for it, I will post it for you.
I am off to work on WW now, get some stuff done for the list and see where the day leads.
Till next time....
Mental out!