Saturday, June 21, 2008

L.DS_Daydreams Scrap Review

Good Morning!

I just finished working with another kit from the wonderful designer Loyal! If you haven't checked her awesome stuff out yet, be sure to do so! You can find her at:
As I was working with this new kit, the first thing I noticed was that she has all the parts nice and organized into folders! Elements and Papers being the two folders and within them, more organized folders. How great is that?! It was easy to choose what things you want to work with when you don't have to hunt and hunt to find them.
The next thing I noticed, she had several wonderful and DIFFERENT papers to choose from! As a designer myself, one thing I have issues with is making papers. She created some very nice, very diversified papers in this kit.I found that this kit leads to inspiration in and of itself. What I mean is, when I opened it to work with, I had no idea of what I was going to do with it. As I looked around it, I started to get ideas! That is amazing! It is a simply kit but the possibilities for creating with it are endless!! Monumental feat, Loyal, and a job well done!!
Another A++ kit in my book just for the inspiration it gave me on an early Saturday morning!