Saturday, November 26, 2011


So once more life hits me with changes. I think for the better this time around tho. Not easy, never easy but, better.
One of my friends, Miss Stacy, gave me a video to watch. It's called The Secret. I won't go into details here cause it really is a bit hard to explain but more so, it's a personal experience video. I would HIGHLY suggest for those of you that want/need to make changes in your life that you check it out.
I have a new job I am starting now...I will be working from home. Will report more on that one later. I also am going back to college. I start soon and will be finally finishing up my degree. No more dead ends for me. I am taking charge, through God of course, and getting my life back on track!! I refuse to remain stuck and in this rut any longer!
With Christmas right around the corner and literally no money for it, I began to search for inexpensive gift ideas. I found this really wonderful sight! It's called: Deck the Halls of Home with Joy. Please look for the 'button' on the side of my page and visit them for a truly inspiring time!

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